Advertising accounts are billed monthly after publication. Payment is due in full upon the presentation of the invoice or statement.

    Checks, Money Orders, Credit and Debit Cards are accepted.

    A complimentary copy of the Western New York Catholic newspaper will be sent by USPS to all non-diocesan related advertisers.



     Additional Options:

    Circulars or Inserts are inserted by machine at $40 per 1,000 with 43,000 minimum. Client must delivered to the printer 2 weeks prior to the publication dates. Clients who require assistance with printing services for their circulars or inserts should email Patrick McPartland.

    What's Happening? is printed in each monthly issue. Classified style publishing rates are:

    • 1 to 20 words $20
    • 21-30 words $30
    • 31-40 words $40
    • 41-50 words $50

    There is a 50 word maximum. The deadline for submission is the 10th of the month prior to publication.

    Classified ads are not published in the Western New York Catholic newspaper. This includes advertisements for Help Wanted, Real Estate, Business Services, Items for Sale, Personal Notices, etc

    Email Patrick McPartland with the What's Happening? content.

    We do not run classified ads or letters to the editor.

    • Free graphic design and typesetting services available.
    • Signed approval forms are mandatory.
    • Camera Ready Ads are gladly accepted as PDF (x1a PDF format strongly preferred) & 300 dpi JPG files. Camera Ready Ads must be sized according to proper Specs. In the event that an ad is not sized properly and there is no ability to resize the ad in a timely manner by the client, the Western New York Catholic reserves the right to resize the ad. The Western New York Catholic does not "float" ads due to incorrect sizing.
    • We can create different versions of one ad, for a multiple-month ad campaign. 
    • To begin the process of creating your ads for the Western New York Catholic, contact our Advertising Coordinators today.