The Western New York Catholic is the official newspaper for the Diocese of Buffalo and is published 12 times a year. It is distributed by the first weekend of each month to hundreds of subscribers and to all local parishes, churches and Catholic organizations within the Western New York Region.

Our audience consists of the more than 600,000 Catholics within the eight counties of Western New York, most of who depend upon the content of the Western New York Catholic to inform them on the news of the Diocese and the Roman Catholic Church. Our faithful readership understands the importance of having a trusted Catholic Publication whereby they will receive the news according to their perspective. Our readership also knows that advertising within the Western New York Catholic, is taken very seriously and we can proudly say that advertising, which appears in our publication, is read and acted upon.

Our current circulation is 43,000 and is delivered to each and every Catholic parish and Catholic organization within Western New York and Buffalo proper.

  • Camera Ready Ads are gladly accepted as PDF & JPG files. Our Award Winning Art Department can also create an ad for you at NO Additional Charge.
  • Four-color (4C) printing process - standard on all color ads. 

  • 15% discount available to recognized Ad Agencies 

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Additional advertising options

Advertorials - an extended text advertisement coupled with a standard advertisement that promotes the advertiser's product or services but resembles an editorial in style and  layout. Advertorials are accepted in Full or Half Page sizes only.

A Client's Circulars or Inserts inserted by machine at $40 per thousand, 43,000 piece requirement. Inserts must be delivered to our printer 2 weeks after the associated deadline dates located on page 4. Clients who require assistance with printing services for their circulars or inserts should contact our Advertising Coordinator for details and a separate price sheet.

What's Happening? is printed in each monthly issue.
Classified style publishing rates are: 1 to 20 words $20;
21-30 words $30; 31-40 words $40; 41-50 words $50.
There is a 50 word maximum. The deadline for submission is
the 10th of the month prior to publication.

  • Classified ads are not published in the Western New York Catholic newspaper. This includes advertisements for Help Wanted, Real Estate, Business Services, Items for Sale, Personal Notices, etc.

  • Email Patrick McPartland with the What's Happening? content. You may also call him at (716) 847-8743.