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Catholic Schools Week

 December 4th

 December 11th

 January 7th


Lent/Fish Fry/Wedding& Bridal/ Finance/Black History Month

 January 8th

 January 16th

 February 4th


Lent/Fish Fry/Easter

 February 5th

 February 12th

 March 4th


Retreats-Shrines-Pilgrimages/Spring Events

 March 5th

 March 12th

 April 1st


Healthy Living/Older Americans Month/Camps

 April 2nd

 April 16th

 May 6th


Cemeteries/Communications/Propagation of the Faith/ Summer Events

 May 7th

 May 12th

 June 3rd


Lawn Fetes & Parish Festivals

 June 6th

 June 11th

 July 1st


Colleges & Universities/Back-to-School Shopping

 July 2nd

 July 16th

 August 5th


Back-to-School/Addiction-Recovery/Hispanic Heritage/ Autumn Events

 August 6th

 August 13th

 September 2nd


Respect Life/Craft Shows

 September 5th

 September 10th

 October 7th


Vocations/Veterans Day/Gift Ideas & Holiday Bazaars/Advent/ Winter Events

 October 1st

 October 15th

 November 4th


Advent/Christmas/Religious Retirement Fund

 November 5th

 November 12th

 December 2nd

Lent 2018: February 14 - March 29          Advent 2018: December 2 - December 24

Please note: Vocations has been moved from our February issue to our November issue.